"All Happiness Begins With a Leisurely Breakfast"

A La Carte

Hot Items

Scrambled Eggs $3.99 per person
French Toast Casserole $3.99 per person
Quiche $3.99 per person
Home Fries $2.49 per person
Bacon Slices $1.49 per person (2 slices)
Sausage Links $1.99 per person (2 links)


Continental Items

Fruit Pastry $2.49 each
Muffins $2.49 each
Bagels $2.49 each (Served with cream cheese, jelly & butter)
Glazed Doughnuts $1.99 each
Whole Fruit $1.99 per person 
Fresh Fruit
$2.49 per person 



Juice $1.99 per person (choose from apple or orange)
Coffee $1.49 per person  (Regular or decaf – complete with cream and sweeteners) 
Milk $1.49 per person
Iced Tea $1.49 per person (Unsweetened – complete with lemon & sweeteners)  
Hot Chocolate
$1.49 per person
Bottled Water $1 each
Soft Drinks $1 each (Coke, Diet Coke, Sprite, Dr. Pepper)

Choose Your Level of Service

Apply a $25 delivery fee for each level of service

Level 1- Drop Off Only
We will drop off your food in aluminum pans. No chafing dishes are included.
* Add $10 if you need disposable tongs & serving spoons.

Level 2- Drop Off/ Set Up/ Equipment – Add 18% Service Charge plus $25 equipment pick up fee
We will leave our chafing dishes for you to use and will return following the event to clean up and pick up equipment. Plates, eating utensils, & serving utensils are included.

Level 3- Full Service – Add 18% Service Charge plus $25 per hour per server (minimum 2 hours)
Not only will we set up chaffing dishes, but we will leave a server to replenish the buffet, clear plates, and clean up.  Plates, eating utensils, & serving utensils are included.